Kathy Black

Kathy Black - CFA Allbreed Judge
Duncan, Oklahoma, USA

Kathy purchased her first pedigree cat, a Maine Coon, in 1990, began exhibiting that same year, and began breeding in 1991. She has worked with a variety of breeds in addition to Maine Coons: Somalis, Norwegian Forest Cats, Japanese Bobtails, Orientals, Siamese, Chartreux, and Persians.

A CFA judge since 2001, Kathy has also served CFA in several other capacities. She has been the Somali Breed Council Secretary, was one of the founding members of the Youth Feline Education Program (Jr. Showmanship), and has mentored many new breeders and exhibitors. “Judging has brought me opportunities to visit many countries and see the expansion of CFA into many new areas,” she says.

In addition, Kathy served as Regional Director for the Gulf Shore Region 2016-2020, Chairperson for the CFA Marketing Committee, and is currently Chairperson for the Mentorship/Newbee programs, and Chairperson for Companion Cat World. When not involved with her CFA activities, Kathy sells life and health insurance, likes to garden (particularly with daylilies), plays the piano and reads.




Kathy Calhoun

 Kathy Calhoun - CFA Allbreed Judge
Chicago, Illinois USA

Kathy Calhoun was born and raised in Chicago, where she still lives. A CFA judge since 2007, Kathy founded her cattery, 5800 Dreams, in 1991, with her son. Her primary breed has always been the Maine Coon but she has also bred American Shorthairs, American Wirehairs, and recently began to breed Lykoi. Other breeds she has worked with include Persians, Orientals, Abyssinians, Chartreux, and Devon Rex. She has achieved national wins with both her Maine Coons and her American Wirehairs.

Her resume in CFA is extensive; she is not only a member and a Secretary for several show producing clubs, but serves as the treasurer for the Maine Coon Breed Council, the CFA Foundation, and the CFA organization itself. She also served as Midwest Regional Director.

Recently retired from her job as a Product Manager with Pepsico, Kathy has been a CFA judge since 2007. She has judged across the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. When not involved with cats, judging, or her many organizational responsibilities, Kathy has been known to play the bagpipes.



Dennis Ganoe

Dennis Ganoe - CFA Allbreed Judge
Portland, Oregon, USA

 Born into a military family in San Diego, Dennis has lived in Oregon since high school. He caught the “show bug” shortly after his discharge from the US Marine Corps, when a friend asked him to help show her Burmese. Once settled into civilian life, he decided to acquire one of his favorite breeds—a Korat—and start showing himself. He met Judy Buckle at a show in Portland and purchased his first Korat from her.  She has now been Judy Buckle-Ganoe for almost 31 years.

Still active with his Korat breeding program, Dennis has also bred Persians and Maine Coons and exhibited a wide variety of other breeds. He fell in love with LaPerms when they were first exhibited in 1992 and is currently the LaPerm Breed Council Secretary. He has been a CFA judge since 2001, and treasures his judging experiences, “handling the pinnacle of feline excellence while meeting fellow fanciers along the way.” Dennis has also served on the CFA Board of Directors, and drew on his professional expertise as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer when involved in the upgrade of the Central Office computer systems.

When not involved with cats or work, Dennis can usually be found engaged in some form of physical activity. He lifts weights, is an avid Cross-Fit enthusiast, and comments that remaining active has done wonders for his health and well-being.


Barbara Jaeger

Barbara Jaeger - CFA Allbreed Judge
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Born in Staten Island, New York, Barbara Jaeger has now lived in Arizona for 50 years and currently resides in Phoenix. Now retired, she worked for 26 years as her state’s 9-1-1 Administrator, managing a $25 million annual budget, and spent a total of 45 years in the 9-1-1 field.

A CFA judge for 16 years, Barbara began breeding with Abyssinians and Exotics, and went on to breed and show Norwegian Forest Cats, Manx, Siamese, and American Shorthairs. She loves judging because it enables her to meet so many people and handle so many beautiful cats—she LOVES talking about the cats.

Barbara was recently appointed as the Chair of the CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School (BAOS) and recently led the first online school, conducted via Zoom, with 36 attendees. 




Paul Patton

Paul Patton
Retired CFA Allbreed Judge
Elgin, Illinois, USA

Paul’s cattery, Luvlypurrs, is still well known for its top show Bi-Color Persians, Exotics and American Shorthairs. Paul also had wins with his Bombay, Longhair Oriental and Sphynx breeds.  In 1995, he joined CFA’s judging program, where he developed a reputation for color genetics.  Exhibitors looked for his name on the judging slate so they could ask questions concerning colors, and he is missed by many for his expertise in this area since his retirement from the judging program in 2015.

Since then, Paul has given selflessly of his time to the Midwest Region and CFA, in general.  A member of the Rochester Cat Fanciers, North American Shorthair Club and Exotic Breeders Club, he is still an active member of MEOWS and Cat’n on the Fox and has been involved in show production at all levels. Until recently he designed and produced the Midwest Regional Awards Booklet and slideshow.  He was the regional historian, caring for original regional logo drawings and photos, as well as being the regional show scheduler and a member of the regional steering committee.

For years, Paul and a small group of exhibitors provided assistance to the Midwest Region by helping breeders and exhibitors in their time of need, whether it was a supportive ear, helping to clean up after a major event or helping find forever homes for felines in need.  Remaining in the background, Paul has been an executive board member in one of CFA’s biggest programs, the Breeders Assistance Program. 

Paul keeps busy with continued show production for Cat’n on the Fox, taking care of his parents, working on his family’s genealogy, and traveling. He can also be found in his garden (he is a Master Gardener) or exhibiting.



Jennifer Reding

Jennifer Reding - CFA Specialty Judge
Los Angeles, CA USA

Jennifer Reding, a CFA judge since 2014, came into the cat fancy in a roundabout way. While in high school and for a few years thereafter, she was involved with horses, then began looking for a less expensive hobby once she was out on her own. In 1986, she visited her first cat show—Tails and No Tales CC in San Jose, CA—as a spectator and was immediately intrigued. She acquired her first pedigreed cat (a Himalayan) and took it to a show, only to discover that it was “very pet quality.” 

A few years later, she made another attempt to show, this time with a household pet. It hated showing and was retired after one show. But at that show, Jennifer met a Birman breeder, eventually bought a show quality Birman kitten, and started showing in earnest. In 1990, she got a Japanese Bobtail to show “for fun.” That was the beginning of a 30-year love affair with the breed. Initially, her cattery name was Janipurr, but after acquiring a black smoke Japanese Bobtail import in 1996, she changed the cattery name to Ginchika and began focusing on silver and smoke Bobtails.

Jennifer has breed Birmans and Oriental Shorthairs in addition to her beloved Bobtails, and shown numerous other breeds, achieving Regional wins, Breed wins, and “even a few National Wins.” She has now spent more than half her life in the cat fancy and is currently licensed as a Double Specialty judge. 

In 2006, Jennifer met Mark Campbell, and after a long-distance relationship that lasted several years, they were married in 2013.

Jim Thomson

Jim Thompson
Retired CFA Allbreed Judge
Burns Vista, Colorado, USA

Since attending his first cat show in 1951 at age three with his mother, Gertrude Thompson, Jim has been involved with cats of all types, domestic and wild.  He and his mother bred Persians, Russian Blues and Scottish Folds under the cattery names of Silverton and Les Joy.  In addition, Jim and his friend Ernie have been involved in rehabilitating injured mountain lions, including an orphaned female he named Tabby.

In 1976, at age 20, Jim joined CFA’s judging program, at a time when only 20 breeds were recognized.  By the time he retired in 2017, there were 43 different breeds recognized by CFA.  

During his tenure as a CFA judge, Jim was also the Gulf Shore Regional Director from 1978 to1982, and a Director-at-Large from 1983 to 1985.  He returned to the Board in 1986 as the next highest vote getter when Don Williams was elected President, and served for the next nine years.  After leaving the Board, he remained active in the judging program and on various CFA committees.

In his home state of Colorado, Jim served as a County Commissioner from 1993-2005, while also working closely with the Arkansas Valley Humane Society (Ark-Valley), a no-kill shelter.  One of his proudest achievements was passing a property tax increase which helped fund the shelter, located in the north end of the county.  The group works throughout the entire county with its citizens to manage the feral cat population, and established a foster parent program to care for pets that need extra help.  Jim continues his volunteer work at Ark-Valley to this day, teaching them about colors and patterns.  He plans to become a foster parent to young kittens to socialize them and teach them good manners so that Ark-Valley will be better able to find them forever homes.




Robert Zenda

Robert Zenda - CFA Allbreed Judge
Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA

Bob has been judging pedigreed cats for over 50 years, beginning as an ACFA judge in 1968 and moving to CFA in 1995. His first pedigreed cat was a seal point Siamese purchased in 1959 in Tokyo, Japan, where he was an instrumental part of the foundation of the cat fancy, organizing the first Japanese CFA club and show back in 1962-1963. His Tsu-Kee-Ah-Kee Cattery was established in 1962 and specializes in silver tabby American Shorthairs. He has also bred and/or exhibited Abyssinians, American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, Burmese, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Exotics, Persians, Siamese and Turkish Angoras.

In addition to his lengthy judging experience, Bob has served CFA in many other capacities. He has been a part of the Judging Program Committee (focusing on education and training), served as the CFA International Division Liaison for Asia/Latin America from 2006-2010, and is currently the Chair of the International Division Committee, Asia (except China). He has also served several terms as the American Shorthair Breed Council Secretary. Over the years, Bob has judged in nearly 30 different countries and takes pleasure in recording pictures of cats he has selected for Best in Show in his CFA Photo Gallery, which can be seen at www.bobzenda.org.

Bob served on active duty in the US miiitary for 21 years, retiring as an Army Officer in January 1977.  He later served as a Department of Army Civilian for an additional 25 years, responsible for Training & Leader Development of the Army's civilian workforce.