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This time around, the virtual fun is flower-powered!

Wild Rose Cat Club


"It's Coming Up Roses!"

A virtual cat photo contest, co-sponsored by the CFA Siberian Breed Council

It’s time to pick your best bouquet of shots for the latest CFA Virtual Cat Competition and say it with flowers! 8 floral-themed fun classes await your photo submissions, featuring an unprecedented THREE judging's for each cat! 8 CFA judges will choose their top 15 in both the traditional conformation classes (Kitten, Championship, Premiership and Household Pet) plus three different fun classes each. There’s even a Siberian Specialty Ring with special prizes for the top Siberians in show. But don’t be a late bloomer—get your entries in before the closing date of Tuesday, July 6th! And grow your entries for special savings—the first entry is $10 but enter 4 cats and your 4th entry is FREE!

About Wild Rose Cat Club

Wild Rose Cat Club was started by a group of cat enthusiasts in the Midwest Region in 1998. The club’s name was inspired by Iowa’s state flower, the Wild Rose, but members were also affectionately known as the “cookie club”— because they financed their first show by selling baked goodies at shows throughout the region. Wild Rose hosted the Midwest Region qualifiers in Waterloo and put on seven shows, the last being in July of 2007. With the help of your entries, club members hope to once again produce a live in-person show.

Siberian Specialty Ring

All Siberian kittens, championship and premiership cats entered in the show will automatically be entered in this ring at no extra charge. Judge Kathy Black will select her top five Siberians in each class and then choose her top five overall. Each Best of Class winner plus the five Overall winners will receive a beautiful keepsake rosette sponsored by the Siberian Breed Council.

Kathy Black
Kathy Calhoun
Dennis Ganoe
Barbara Jaeger
Paul Patton*
Jennifer Reding
James Thompson*
Bob Zenda

*Retired CFA Allbreed Judge

“Babies’ Breath”

Your cutest pictures of kittens under 4 months of age (Kittens 4 months or over should be entered in the conformation Kitten class)

Judged by James Thompson, Kathy Black and Barbara Jaeger

“Forget Me Not”

Our Rainbow Bridge class, honoring the cats we have loved and lost

Judged by Paul Patton, Kathy Calhoun and Jennifer Reding

“Eye-Ris: The Eyes Have it”

We’re looking for the cat with the most beautiful eyes in the world! Is it yours?

Judged by Paul Patton, Kathy Calhoun, and Bob Zenda

“In Full Bloom”

Get your kitty all spiffed up for a special occasion in any kind of costume that strikes your fancy.

Judged by Dennis Ganoe, Barbara Jaeger, and Kathy Calhoun

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Show us how and where your kitties have “planted” themselves, in boxes, bags, sinks, bowls, or any other type of container!

Judged by Paul Patton, Bob Zenda, and Jennifer Reding

“Black-Eyed Susans”

We all know black cats are special . . . so special they get their own fun class! Black-Eyed Susans (or Sams) have their place in the sun!

Judged by James Thompson, Dennis Ganoe and Jennifer Reding

“Every Rose has its Thorn”

This is for your pictures of Cats Behaving Badly. . . the ones kitty probably does not want us to see!

Judged by James Thompson, Dennis Ganoe, and Kathy Black


A class for our senior kitties, aged 7 or over. . . our perennial favorites!

Judged by Bob Zenda, Kathy Black, and Barbara Jaeger

Sunday, 6/20 Entries and Spectators' Choice voting open
Tuesday, 7/6 Entries close at 8 PM EDT
Wednesday, 7/7 Entry prep for judging
Thursday, 7/8-Saturday 7/10 Judging
Sunday, 7/11 Finals posting begins and continues until complete
Monday, 7/12 Spectators’ Choice voting ends at 8 PM EDT

Spectators’ Choice Voting begins as soon as entries open and closes at 8 PM on July 12. The top 5 vote getters will be recognized (see "Prizes" tab for details). One half of the voting proceeds will be donated to the Cedar Bend Humane Society of Waterloo, Iowa, an open-admission shelter that has been operating since 1910.
















VCC Event Team

Co-Show Managers: Lynn Staker and Cathy Dunham

Entry Clerk: Nancy Kerr

CFA Liaison/VCC Platform Manager: Iris Zinck

Show Secretary & Treasurer: Lynn Staker

Sponsors & Vendors: Lynn Staker

PowerPoint Team: Cathy Dunham, Troy Weier, Candilee Jackson

Finals Coordination: Cathy Dunham, Iris Zinck, Nancy Kerr

Publicity: Mike Altschul, Iris Zinck

Graphic Design & Technical Support: Deirdre Gerhardt

Scoring: Mike Altschul and Nancy Kerr