Top 10 Cats Needing Furever Homes - Judged by Hauspanter's Kate Benjamin

Cat's Name


Cat's Age in Photo(s)

1 1/2 yrs

Cat's Color

Brown tabby

Cat's Story

It is hard to imagine a cat that’s more fun than Chessie! He is one contented, interactive purr-y young dude. Chessie is very even-tempered and amenable. Everyone he meets, feline and human, is a new friend. He loves to get into the middle of everything you’re doing—the perfect coworker for your remote office activities! Although not the overly crazy type, he is enthusiastic about sweatshirt cords, shoelaces and other fun “toys.” This sleek striped tabby was rescued as a tiny tyke by STAF’s TNR (trap-neuter-release) team from a perilous situation at a trailer park. The team’s fearless leader fostered the little man in her home until he was big and strong enough to come to our shelter.

Rescue/Foster Name

Save the Animals Foundation

Rescue Contact Info (Website, FB or Email)