Top 10 Outdoor Cat Photography - Judged by Adventure Cat's Laura Moss

Cat's Name

Benjamin Button

Cat/Photo Description

Benjamin Button was dumped one year ago with his SEVEN siblings at a horse farm in Colorado. The seven kittens immediately moved themselves up into the hay loft. At the farm, we decided to keep four of the seven kittens, (Benjamin Button, Binxy Button, Sebastian Button and Tiger Rose) though they've all since been trapped, neutered, spayed, wormed and ear tipped. The other three found indoor homes while the lucky four receive two wet food meals a day, an endless buffet of dry kibble, litter pans, heated water bowls and FOUR heated beds in exchange for their invaluable mousing skills! They're all individuals and remain the center of the barn activity. However, even despite special 'cat stairs' being constructed, Benjamin Button refuses to leave the loft, EVER! It's been 16 months and he says he's happy to have all of his needs met in one space. We're so happy to provide these (oh, now five, as Leisure Suit Larry has moved in from down the street) with a happy life and are grateful that they now allow us the pleasure of petting them.

Human's Name

Nanner F. and Christine W.