11 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (More to be announced soon)

Top 10 Purrfectly Impurrfect Special Needs Cats - Judged by Sunglass Cat

Cat's Name

Delilah - 1st Place Purrfectly Immpurrfect Winner!

Cat/Photo Description

Delilah was born with Radial Hypoplasia - though a rare severe case where all 4 legs were affected. Her front paws are also deformed and are more like mittens than paws. The back legs were twisted multiple times from the knees down. After a partial amputation of one, she has a much easier time with being mobile and scoots around much faster without getting her legs tangled. Delilah does not know she was born differently. She has not allowed her paw or leg differences to slow her down and she is a walking miracle and continues to live life like a typical kitten. Just a little differently.

Human's Name