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Had enough cold weather? Had enough SNOW?!

Spring starts in March and we can’t wait for it to get here, so the people and cats of Garden State Cat Club say, “Fur-ward March!” right meow! It's our club's first virtual cat competition, celebrating the bright colors and energetic spirit of spring.

  • Entries open February 28 and close March 15. Finals and voting continue into late March. 
  • Our judging lineup incudes 8 for FIVE conformation classes and 8 exhibitor judges for our 8 fun classes.
  • Entries are $10 each or enter 3 and get your 4th entry FREE!

Our “extra” conformation class is designed especially for pedigreed cats who have not been able to be physically shown due to the pandemic. Kittens, champions and premiers will be judged together in this “A Star is Born” class by our 8 conformation judges. Don’t miss this chance to get feedback on your never-shown kitties!

Then we have the fun classes, tried and true favorites like “Tiny Tots” and “Best Buddies” plus several brand-new categories never before seen in a CFA virtual event! Each fun class will be judged by two different judges. See full list with judges below.



Of course, there are plenty of prizes!

The highest scoring cat in each conformation class will receive a beautiful rosette handmade in Turkey.

The top three cats in each fun ring will  receive prizes ranging from Amazon gift cards to cat toys to certificates for free litter and other feline necessities.

Please see the Prize tab for more details and visit our supporters under the Supporter tab, where you can check out their products and follow links to their websites to learn more about them.


 Bethany Colilla, Ken Currle, Nicholas Pun, Lorraine Shelton (TICA), Gary Veach, Vicki Nye, Sharon Roy, Jeri Zottoli

These judges will be judging Kittens, Championship, Premiership, Household Pets, and our never-shown "A Star is Born" class.


Best Buddies – Show us your cat and its BFF, another cat, a dog, a bird, or maybe even you!

Judged by Mike Jacobi and Gwyneth Hayes

Tiny Tots – Kittens up to 4 months old (4 months and above go in the kitten class)

Judged by Carol Krzanowski and Larry Johnson

Cat Couture – Dress up your cat in its Sunday best, or its work-at-home casuals! Anything goes as long as it’s clothes!

Judged by Mike Jacobi and Sue Robbins

Upside-Down Kitties – Does your cat turn itself topsy turvy to sleep, play – or do anything else that’s worthy of showing off?

Judged by Larry Johnson and Jenny Wickle

My Cat Looks Like. . . – Some cats look like their owners. Others may look like cartoon characters or celebrities. Let’s see a pic of your kitty with a pic of whoever (or WHATEVER) it looks like!

Judged by Robert Zinck and Carol Krzanowski

Shelter Stars – Did your cat come from a rescue? Or is it looking to be rescued today? We’re supporting rescues by featuring their adoptable cats and saluting owners who want to show off their shelter stars. Every entry gets a story.

Judged by Jenny Wickle and Mike Altschul

Bags ‘n Boxes – You know how much your cat loves them. Share a picture of a “packaged” kitty!

Judged by Robert Zinck and Gwyneth Hayes

Hiss-terical Bloopurrs – Show us the pictures your cat would NEVER want anyone to see! The time it DIDN’T land on its feet. . . got caught in the curtains. . . or curled up someplace you would never want it to go!

Judged by Sue Robbins and Mike Altschul


Entries open – 2/28

Entries close – 3/15 at 8 p.m. EDT

Spectators’ Choice voting – 2/28 through 3/22

Judging – 3/17 through 3/21

Finals – 3/21 until complete


Persian - Tabby











Oriental - SH


Cornish Rex


Japanese Bobtail - SH


Maine Coon


Maine Coon


Maine Coon


Maine Coon


Maine Coon


Non-Specific (Mixed)


VCC Event Team

Show Managers: Denise Mangold and Richard Zens

Entry Clerk: Susan Baxter

CFA Liaison/VCC Platform Manager: Iris Zinck

Show Treasurer: Samuel Cerritos 

Show Team Secretary: Joann Lamb

Master Clerk: Mike Jacobi

Sponsors and Vendors: Brenda Flahault

Rescue Group Liaison: Diana Stroup

Powerpoint Team: Denise Mangold, Dmitry Gembitsky, Bob Clark Power, Cathy Dunham, Robert Zinck

Finals Coordination: Denise Mangold, Richard Zens, Iris Zinck

Publicity: Mike Altschul and Wendy Carson

Facebook Page: Nancy Durett

Graphic Design and Technical Support: Deirdre Gerhardt, Nancy Kerr