CFA BAP-BRP International Outreach is
helping to rescue refugee cats in Europe!

With the war in Ukraine and the suffering and displacement of so many innocent people, we once again have experienced the incredible caring and generosity of CFA’s cat fanciers.  Through generous donations to the CFA International Breeder Assistance Program, Regional Director Pam Delabar, and past Director at Large Peter Vanwonterghem, have coordinated the purchase and delivery of thousands of pounds of cat food, medicine and supplies into Ukraine. At present, Pam Delabar, Region 9 Regional Director, is working primarily to help breeders while Peter Vanwonterghem is focusing his efforts primarily on rescue cats and shelters. Between them, they are coordinating the best way to get food, supplies and funds into the hands of caregivers for as many felines as possible!

To see mothers, children and elderly people boarding trains with their pet carriers gives us insight into how dearly they hold their pets and knowing some of these people through CFA touches our hearts.  Won’t you take a few minutes to enjoy the cats in this contest and vote for the ones that touch YOUR heart? Your votes will generate much-needed funds to help the cats of Europe! To donate without voting, click here: CFA Breeder Assistance Program.

If you want your donation to go specifically to the Ukraine, note “Ukraine” in the memo.

To learn more about the CFA Breeders Assistance and Breed Rescue Programs, click here to visit our web page:  CFA Breeder Assistance / Rescue.