Our Supporters are our Recipe for Success!

The Ragamuffin Cat Society is extremely grateful to the following organizations
and individuals for the prize support they have stirred up for this photo contest.

Our heartfelt thanks to all!



Laura & John Gregory
Ragtime Cats RagaMuffins


Website: www.facebook.com/CatClubOfThePalmBeaches

Donation of Life’s Abundance Gift Certificates, Sample Packs and Teaser toys.

Website:  https://www.LifesAbundance.com/ragtime

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RagaMuffinKitten

Website: http://www.whitesoxbirmans.com



Nacada Designs
Bonnie Searles

Tammy Ogle  
RagMuffin Cat World 

Sallie DuBay
Sal-Shire Ragdolls    

Donation of catnip kicker toys.

Donation of the award certificate design, printing production and materials as well as  a gift card donation.

Donation of catnip toy prize packs and cold pack bag set.

Website: http://www.nacadadesigns.com

Website: https://www.ragamuffins.co

Website: http://sal-shireragdolls.com



Rosette Fund Donation

Silver Patrons

  • Anna Murphy, Catelier RagaMuffins       

  • Christen Dillard, Magnolia Rags, RagaMuffins        

  • Terri Cassidy, Xpressions RagaMuffins                     

  • Wanda & David Grass, Jazzy Rags, RagaMuffins    

  • Lynda Jay, Gentlepurrs RagaMuffins                        

  • Astlor ComputerSystems, Trevor Pott (Canada)

  • Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers Cat Club

  • Terri Myers, Country Muffins, RagaMuffins

  • Kathy Hyneman, Kaerik RagaMuffins

  • R. S. Schmidt, New Walden RagaMuffins

  • Michele Lukic, Penelane Colorpoint Shorthairs & Siamese



Bronze Patrons

  • Denise Bodema

  • Darlene Francis, Purtasticmuffins (UK)

  • Josee Rodrigue, RagaMania RagaMuffins (Canada)

  • Alfred Newton, New Hope RagaMuffins

  • Diana Kerr, Blessed Hope RagaMuffins

  • Dennis Mahlkuch, Benchmark RagaMuffins

Larry Johnson 

Revival Animal Health

World’S Best Cat Litter™

Original Dragonfly Cat Toys  

Donation of two custom photo masks 

Donation of Gift Certificates

Coupons for Free Bags of Cat Litter

Donation of Dragonfly Wand Cat Toys

Website:  http://www.johnsonanimalphoto.com

Website:  https://www.revivalanimal.com

Website:  http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com