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CFA President
CFA Allbreed Judge
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Born and raised on a farm in the midwestern US, Darrell has loved animals since his childhood. His fascination with the cat fancy and his lifelong devotion to Abyssinians began when he visited a cat show in St. Louis with his late wife, Beth. Shortly thereafter, they purchased their first Aby and began showing and breeding. As Darrell worked toward a judging career, first in the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and subsequently in CFA, they had many other breeds in their house but the Abys have always been Darrell’s first love.

Darrell currently makes his home in Las Vegas and has been a CFA Judge since 1996. He has also held many other positions within the CFA organization: Abyssinian Breed Council Secretary, Chair of the International Division, a Director-at-Large on the CFA Board, and most recently, was elected President of CFA. “Judging is a beauty contest,” says Darrell. “While the “dress” must be presented in excellent condition, the structure of the cat is the most important aspect of that cat.  If a cat does not conform to the written standard, then it is difficult to win Best in Show!” He also notes, “I consider it an honor and a privilege to have your trust while I assess the beauty of your cats.


Kathy Calhoun - CFA Allbreed Judge
Chicago, Illinois USA

Kathy Calhoun was born and raised in Chicago, where she still lives. A CFA judge since 2007, Kathy founded her cattery, 5800 Dreams, in 1991, with her son. Her primary breed has always been the Maine Coon but she has also bred American Shorthairs, American Wirehairs, and recently began to breed Lykoi. Other breeds she has worked with include Persians, Orientals, Abyssinians, Chartreux, and Devon Rex. She has achieved national wins with both her Maine Coons and her American Wirehairs.

Her resume in CFA is extensive; she is not only a member and a Secretary for several show producing clubs, but serves as the treasurer for the Maine Coon Breed Council, the CFA Foundation, and the CFA organization itself. She also served as Midwest Regional Director.

Recently retired from her job as a Product Manager with Pepsico, Kathy has been a CFA judge since 2007. She has judged across the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. When not involved with cats, judging, or her many organizational responsibilities, Kathy has been known to play the bagpipes.


Lorna Friemoth - CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Columbus, Ohio USA

Lorna Friemoth is a 2nd generation cat exhibitor, starting with Persians at age of five years old in 1989 with the help of her amazingly supportive parents, John and Shelby Friemoth. Her cattery, NuDawnz, founded in 1999, is a CFA Cattery of Distinction Tier V Superior with over 100 Grand Champions and more than 7 Distinguished Merit winners. Lorna has experience in breeding 16 breeds and exhibiting experience in 5 additional breeds, and her cats have earned 23 national wins, including a CFA Premiership Cat of the Year. 

Lorna is a member of numerous show-producing clubs and 4-year member of the CFA International Show Committee, with show sponsorships raised totaling $80,000. She was alsoa member of the CFA National awards committee, which helped secure sponsorships for 2018 & 2019. She is a CFA Licensed Master Clerk with 24 years of clerking program experience. 

Also as a member of The International Cat Association (TICA), Lorna's cats have achieved numerous awards there as well, including national breed wins, regional wins, international wins, Lifetime Achievement wins, and an Outstanding Sire award. Lorna has aspired to become a cat judge since she was a small child and enjoys preservation breeding and exhibiting of pedigreed cats as her creative outlet of choice and thrives in a hands-on learning environment of raising, grooming, and exhibiting breeds outside of her own primary breed, the Japanese Bobtail. 


Johary Gomez - TICA Speciality Judge
Medellin, Colombia South America

Johary Gomez started breeding Persians about 10 years ago under his cattery, Yoruba.  He exhibited and obtained different titles with the Persian, but it was months after that he met the Sphynx and gave himself completely to this breed, with which has achieved important titles.

Johary earned the title of Best Sphynx in the world 2015/2016, was an International winner and earned the first Lifetime Achievement (LA) Award for his cat in South America. His Sphynx earned "Best Of" titles in the South America region for many years in different categories.

From his beginning in the cat fancy, he always wanted to become a judge. He worked from his first show as a clerk and he undertook a long way to achieve it. Johary has been recognized as South America's TICA member of the year in 2014/2015.

Johary received his license as the first TICA judge in Colombia in 2018 and in 2019 he advanced his career and obtained his license as an Approved Specialty judge. 


Nicholas Pun - CFA Allbreed Judge
Hong Kong

Born and raised in Hong Kong, where he still lives, Nick attended graduate school in Canada, where he was first exposed to the cat fancy. He began showing in both CFA and CCA with his first show cat, a Scottish Fold. When he started his Dragonhill cattery, in 1997, it was focused on longhair and shorthair Folds. However, Nick soon branched out into other breeds and has now worked with American Shorthairs, Ocicats, and most recently, British Shorthairs and Japanese Bobtails. Dragonhill has produced numerous grands, Divisional Winners (the Hong Kong equivalent of a Regional Win) and National Winners. One of Nick’s British Shorthairs was CFA’s Kitten of the Year in the Hong Kong Division for 2018-2019.

Outside his breeding programs, Nick has exhibiting experience with many other breeds, including Abyssinians, Devon Rex, Russian Blues, Siamese, and Somalis. He exhibited the first Turkish Angora ever shown in Hong Kong and enjoys introducing and promoting new breeds there. Other longhair breeds he has exhibited include Exotics, Persians, Birmans, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons.

In 2014, Nick entered the CFA judging program and is now an Approved Allbreed judge. Over the years, he has judged in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the USA, and all over China, as well as in Hong Kong. He is the founder and president of the Hong Kong and Macao Cat Club and a contributing writer for one of Hong Kong’s cat magazines. Nick is honored to have been selected to represent the International Division to judge for the International Show in October, 2021. He was also one of the recipients of a CFA Service Star Award for the 2018-19 show year. 


Teo Vargas - CFA Specialty Judge
Malaga, Spain Europe

Teo has been involved in the cat fancy since 2007 when he began showing Persian and Exotics. He uses the cattery prefix D´Arnaud for his Exotics.

He works as professional translator of legal and socio-economic texts. He speaks several languages fluently, which is a great advantage in CFA; Teo willingly shares puts his time, talents and knowledge at the service of exhibitors, breeders (newbees, etc), and CFA clubs. In Europe, CFA’s Region 9, English is used as the primary language of the cat fancy but many exhibitors do not speak it well. So Teo’s language skills are much appreciated throughout his region.

Since his acceptance into CFA’s Judging Program in 2016, Teo has judged in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, Spain but also in the United States, as well as in China. His judging philosophy is to respect each cat, each exhibitor, each breeder and each fellow judge. Through this philosophy, he brings to his work as a CFA Judge his thought that though perfection does not exist, all cats are beautiful, whatever they are.


Iris Zinck - CFA Allbreed Judge
Medford, Massachusetts USA

Iris has wanted to judge cats since attending her very first cat show in 1988. But it took a while before she was able to achieve that goal.

She began breeding both Russian Blues and Turkish Angoras in 1990 with her first husband, the late Robert Hoffman, under the cattery name of Silverlock. While working toward the judging program, she participated in all aspects of show production and the clerking program, eventually becoming a master clerk and running clerking schools. After her husband’s death, she phased out the Russian Blues, bred Oriental Longhairs, and showed Persians, Birmans, American Shorthairs, Norwegian Forest Cats, Abyssinians, and Manx. She was first licensed as a judge in 2003.

When Iris met Robert Zinck, now her second husband, and successfully lured him into the cat fancy, they established a new cattery, Folie a Deux (inspired by a French psychological term that refers to a disease/delusion shared by two people). They focused primarily on bicolor Turkish Angoras, and bred two national winners as well as a number of breed and regional winners. In 2008, they began working with Siberians, and have achieved several regional wins with them. The Siberians are now Iris’s primary breed. However, she has recently fallen in love with Japanese Bobtails; it is not yet certain where this will lead her.

Iris is Lead Copy Editor and a Staff Writer for Cat Talk magazine and the chair of CFA’s newly formed Virtual Cat Competition committee. She is also a singer and songwriter and invites anyone interested in her music to check out her YouTube channel.


Trisha Siefried - Cat Boss & TV Animal Agent
St. Louis, Missouri USA

Approaching 22 years of professional animal training, Trisha Seifried, started her career in one of the most prestigious animal training positions at Sea World and Busch Gardens! After 10 years of developing a background in live animal performance at these incredible organizations, she returned home to start a new adventure! Upon returning home, she was given the opportunity to train cats for commercials representing brands such as Friskies, Cat Chow, Purina One and Pro Plan, and even making an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show! Trisha's extensive experience allowed her to follow her dreams and start her own animal talent agency. Her agency, Got Pet-ential, specializes in working with cats on set and continues to set the bar high in the commercial industry. After years of hearing that "cats can't be trained" and coaching owners on how to succeed with their cats on set, she set out to change the norm and to help everyday cat owners realize their cats potential at home.

Trisha's passion for cats and the desire to change the narrative that cats can’t be trained drove her to develop a new brand call CatBoss TV. Her mission statement is to "Change the way people look at cats for the better and if we change what we do to better them, then other people will follow too!"

So have no fear, the OCB is here to help you navigate through behavior challenges, help stimulate your cats mind through positive training methods, achieve whole body health with proper nutrition, and build relationships - one high 5 at a time!

Learn more about Trisha on @Catboss.tv on Instagram ?? FB Animal Agent @Got Pet-ential LLC


Kate Benjamin - Cat Style Expert www.HausPanther.com
Phoenix, Arizona. USA

In 2007, Kate Benjamin was searching for stylish products for her own cats. She couldn’t find a comprehensive source on the topic, so she started the blog moderncat.net, gathering her finds for design-conscious cat people. With a background in design, consumer product development, marketing and entrepreneurship, Kate used her varied skills to build a unique niche in the pet lifestyle world. Over the years, the design-loving cat community grew and Kate became known as the go-to source for anything related to cats and design. In 2009, Kate launched her own line of handmade cat products and in 2013 she created Hauspanther, bringing her feline design finds to people around the world.

Kate has been interviewed for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, NY Daily News, People Pets, O, The Oprah Magazine and many other media outlets. Her home has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and she appears in the documentaries Cat People and Feline Empire. You may have seen her making guest appearances on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell with her “Catification” partner, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. The duo has co-authored two New York Times bestsellers, Catification and Catify To Satisfy. She has been a regular contributor to Catster magazine since the publication’s start, including writing the Cat Biz and Feline Design columns.

As time permits, Kate consults on residential catification projects as well as cat cafes, shelters and rescues. In addition to running the Hauspanther website and online store, she also designs a line of cat products in partnership with Texas-based Primetime Petz. and in 2020 launched a line of freeze-dried nutrition for cats.

Kate lives in Phoenix, Arizona with fourteen fabulous felines and her guitar-playing husband, Mark Allred.


Jaqui Bennett - CFA Allbreed Judge
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Jacqui has been in love with animals for as long as she can remember with a childhood filled with furry Friends.  Her adult genesis with the cat fancy began over 20 years ago with Ocicats. She and her son traveled the US to shows as he grew up a true “show hall kid” raised by the CFA family.  While she has raised and exhibited a number of breeds, Ocicats are her first love and she is very proud of her accomplishments within the Ocicat breed becoming the breeder of the first ever Tawny breed winner and first ever Cinnamon national winner.  She served as Breed Council Secretary for 6 years and has been a CFA judge for 10.  She currently serv es CFA has the Committee Chair of the Breeds and Standards Committee.  A group dedicated to serving the breed councils and CFA to preserve and maintain our Breed Standards as well as help facilitate the recognition of new breeds within CFA.

She currently lives in Buford Ga with her husband David and her furry family.  “Being a judge is one of the greatest honors of my life” says Jacqui. “Every cat I am given the privilege of handling has a glory and beauty that it is my honor to be able to evaluate and present!  I neve rforgot that each cat I handle is someone’s beloved treasure.” 


Ariel Bartelmes - CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Seattle, Washington USA

Ariel was born into an established CFA Russian Blue cattery, Sereshka, and raised alongside the cats. As a second generation in cat fancy, she can often be heard joking that she was only born to help her parents clean litter boxes. She learned about breeding and caring for cats as a part of her childhood, as well as a love for pedigrees. She showed off and on throughout the 80s and 90s, from a baby to a teenager cleaning judges rings, though usually found napping under the benching tables.

After a long break off, she returned to breeding and showing 6 years ago, resurrecting the cattery name with her mother, Kate Lucas. Sereshka is a Cattery of Distinction, established in 1973, earning the first Distinguished Merit Russian Blue, numerous Grand Champions, Regional Wins and a Breed & National Win in CFA.

Ariel can usually be found clerking at cat shows, helping run advertising for the CFA Northwest Region and in her spare time chatting with breeders all around the world about Russian Blues. She is a member of the CFA Russian Blue Breed Council, a licensed Clerk for 5 years and is involved in numerous cat clubs.

Ariel lives in the Seattle, WA area with her boyfriend, a Pomeranian and numerous Russian Blues as well as her Dilute Calico Exotic Shorthair- Ella. On the side she helps @TeenyDina, a Russian previously raised by her, achieve internet stardom on Facebook and Instagram.


Barbara Jaeger - CFA Allbreed Judge
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Born in Staten Island, New York, Barbara Jaeger has now lived in Arizona for 50 years and currently resides in Phoenix. Now retired, she worked for 26 years as her state’s 9-1-1 Administrator, managing a $25 million annual budget, and spent a total of 45 years in the 9-1-1 field.

A CFA judge for 16 years, Barbara began breeding with Abyssinians and Exotics, and went on to breed and show Norwegian Forest Cats, Manx, Siamese, and American Shorthairs. She loves judging because it enables her to meet so many people and handle so many beautiful cats—she LOVES talking about the cats.

Barbara was recently appointed as the Chair of the CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School (BAOS) and recently led the first online school, conducted via Zoom, with 36 attendees.


Steve Dale - Pet Expert; Radio/TV Personality & Writer
Chicago, Illinois USA

Steve Dale is a certified animal behavior specialist who has been a trusted voice in the world of pet health for over 20 years. You have likely heard him on the radio, read him in print and online, and seen him speaking at events all over the world. His contributions to advancing pet wellness have earned him many an award and recognition around the globe. He’s currently a writer and contributing editor for CATster, and authors a column called Steve Dale’s Vet World for Veterinary Practice News. He’s also a columnist for the Journal of National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

He is the host of two nationally syndicated radio shows, Steve Dale’s Pet World and The Pet Minute (together heard on more than 100 radio stations, syndicated Black Dog Radio Productions, since 2005). He’s also a special contributor at WGN Radio, Chicago, and program host of Steve Dale’s Pet World (since 1997). He formerly hosted the nationally broadcast Animal Planet Radio. For 21 years, his twice weekly newspaper column was syndicated by the Chicago Tribune. Steve was a contributing editor for USA Weekend (2002 to 2014), and regular columnist at Cat Fancy magazine (2006 to 2014). He has written for a long list of magazines, from People to Dog World (where he was a columnist).

After his beloved cat Ricky passed away in 2002 of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), Steve created the Ricky Fund with the Winn Feline Foundation to raise money to research this often-fatal disease. He’s helped to raise over $200,000 – and as a direct result a genetic test was created to determine if a gene defect for HCM exists for two breeds, and further studies are underway.

Learn more about Steve at www.stevedalepetworld.com


Teresa Keiger - CFA Allbreed Judge
City, North Carolina USA

Teresa has loved cats her entire life, but she never dreamed what an impact they would have on her life. Her journey began when she and her husband showed a Russian Blue which they had bought as a pet in premiership in the mid-90’s. They were hooked, and soon began a successful breeding career under the PLATINA LUNA cattery name. In 2009, GC, BW, NW Platina Luna’s Blade Runner achieved the win of second best cat in the world. 
In the meantime, Teresa was encouraged to join the CFA judging program and she was accepted in 2006. Since then, she has been fortunate enough to judge all over the US, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Kuwait, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and China, and in Australia and New Zealand for other associations. About the same time she became involved with CFA, Teresa also began her second career in digital graphics. She worked as a digital retoucher and critical color specialist for a commercial photography studio for 15 years, working on products as varied as furniture and interiors, lawn mowers and patios, and race cars and drivers. 
One of the things which she is proudest of in her CFA resume is creating the CFA NewBee Program for new exhibitors in 2008. Its intention was to bridge the growing lack of education and expertise new exhibitors were facing as shows became faster paced and the usual time for camaraderie and education in the show hall dwindled. Now existing as a private Facebook group, it is a place where new exhibitors have a place to ask questions about exhibiting, get support, and make friends.
In 2013, CFA was looking for a graphic designer and offered Teresa the position, as she had been doing freelance for them for some time. Suddenly, life was all cats, all the time – which isn’t a bad thing! She is now editor and layout designer for CFA’s magazine Cat Talk, editor of the CFA’s monthly newsletter, and designer of a variety of CFA media products.
Teresa is also a proud member of the Cat Writers’ Association, having won several MUSE medals for her graphic work and for Cat Talk.


Shauntay Burris - TICA Sphynx Breed Committee Chair
City, California, USA

Shauntay Burris welcomed her first pet sphynx into her life in 2002, and has been enamoured with the breed ever since. Her first two pet sphynx were both diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy before the age of one, and both succumbed to their disease. This tragedy inspired Shauntay to dedicate her life to this breed, to preservation and advocating for responsible and ethical breeding practices within the breed as it pertains to genetic health.  

In her efforts to advocate for the sphynx Breed, Shauntay has served as The International Cat Association Sphynx Breed Committee Chair for the past three years.  She is an active member of TICA outside of her responsibilities within the Breed Committee as well, and is licensed as a Master Clerk and is serving as the Mid Pacific Show Reporter. She is a member of numerous show-producing cat clubs, and has served in the capacity of Show Manager.  She has enjoyed representing her breed in the show hall, having achieved multiple International and Breed wins, Lifetime Achievement awards, Outstanding Dam, and many Regional Wins as well as being the first Sphynx Breeder in TICA history to achieve three consecutive international Breed Wins.  

Her primary passion in the breed is mitigating HCM, having been personally affected by it as a pet owner herself.  She has been involved in HCM research in the breed for a decade and has organized several fundraisers for thousands of dollars as well as many HCM scanning clinics for the public. 

Her obsession with this breed lead her to her career as an animal Sculptor, with the sphynx being one of her most significant of muses. Needless to say, her life absolutely revolves around her precious hairless cats.


Cyndee Hill - CFA Sphynx Breed Council Secretary
Outer Banks, North Carolina USA

Cyndee Hill’s fascination with the Sphynx breed started in 1990.  She encountered her first Sphynx while attending a local cat show as a spectator, and thought it was the most elegant creature she had ever seen. She was determined to have one in her life someday. 

In 2004, she finally brought home her first naked baby, My Preciousss Smeagol, a lovely cream and white boy.  With the encouragement of Smeagol’s breeder, she entered him in her first-ever CFA show and was delighted when he made several finals as a kitten.
Over the next two years, Cyndee continued to show and learn about the Sphynx breed, history and standards.  She registered PinUpCats cattery and In 2006, produced her first litter. From that litter came Cyndee’s first National Winner, GC GP BW NW SGC RW PinUpCats Vision in Black & White DM, aka Poopsie, Poppet, and PopPop. She became the foundation of Cyndee’s breeding program and “is still my favorite lap warmer and bed buddy at the age of 14.5 years young. “  PinUpCats Cattery has gone on to achieve many National, Regional and Breed awards in CFA.    
In addition to showing Sphynx, Cyndee has also worked on behalf of the breed, helping to raise funds that furthered HCM research and serving as the CFA Sphynx Breed Council Secretary since 2015. 
When not snuggling and playing with her Sphynx, Cyndee enjoys collecting rocks and minerals, attempting to grow a garden and “reading anything nerdy I can get my hands on.” 


Mike Altschul - CFA Exhbitor Extraordinaire
Arlington, Texas USA

Mike started showing in the cat fancy in 1972. At his first show, in Kansas City, Mike got all yellow ribbons except for one red one. How exciting—he had beaten another cat! After a few years of trial and mostly error, Cacao Cattery (Mike was one-half of it till 1993) starting making progress. By 1979, he had home bred Grand Champions and Regional Winners, was managing two shows every year, and was a master clerk instructor.

When Mike and his family moved to Texas in 1987, Cacao was producing top quality cats, and achieved its first National Win in 1989. Although Mike has only bred Persians and Himalayans, he has shown about 14 other breeds for friends around the US.

Mike took a long sabbatical from the cat fancy from 1993 to 2015. When he returned, he started with a bang with a National Winner bred by Pam Bassett. He also had a new cattery name, Surreal, shared with his wife of 25 years, Leesa.  Mike went back to managing several shows a year and helping other clubs with their shows. The 22 years off seemed like 22 minutes. But the cat fancy had changed. It needed a lot of help and Mike was just the person to provide it. He started helping clubs in a new way—becoming proficient with social media and refilling the shows with many more interested guests. Mike has had the pleasure of working with an awesome team, Wendy Carson and Jennie Batten, assisting clubs in all 7 North American regions. They have taken great pleasure in the fact that some of the guests they attracted to shows have become new exhibitors.

With the challenges of Covid 19 and the shuttering of shows, Mike was recruited to help promote several of the new Virtual Cat Competitions, then asked to join the CFA’s new VCC Committee. Another world and another step into the future! 


Desiree Bobby - CFA Marketing Director & Lykoi Committee Chair
Port Sanilac, Michigan USA

When Desiree first met her husband Zach in 1999, he had a white Sphynx named Mojo. She basically fell in love with both at the same time. Dez and Zach subsequently acquired another Sphynx pet and then, in 2007, they acquired a breeding pair and Beeblebrox Sphynx Cattery was born. 

A former punk rocker with a fine arts background and an MBA, Desiree was new to the world of breeding and showing but quickly began to apply her business expertise on behalf of the Sphynx breed. In 2010, she founded Hairless Hearts in order to help breeders and owners obtain affordable HCM scanning and she put together a team of volunteers to arrange of HCM Clinics across North America. In 2016, Desiree discovered the Lykoi breed and began working with them as well as her Sphynx. She is now has another pet cause—working for the advancement of Lykoi in CFA. She is the Lykoi Committee Chair and secretary for the World Lykoi Foundation.

Born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Dez has lived briefly in Israel and France but now makes her home on Michigan’s Lake Huron Coast in order to be closer to nature with her family. She has had a varied career that began with building computers, which then progressed to web design, e-commerce and social media management, and has been CFA’s Marketing Director since 2017. She is also a Board Member of the CFA Foundation.

When not involved with cats or CFA activities, Desiree enjoys outdoor activities with her family, such as kayaking, hiking, and most recently, Treasure Hunting.


Dr. Johnny & Brittney Gobble
Founders of the Lykoi Breed

Considered the primary founders of the Lykoi breed, John, a veterinarian, and Brittney, a well-known Sphynx breeder, were approached by Patti Thomas in 2010. Patti had taken in a pair of kittens that she thought were “natural mutation Sphynx.” Although positive the kittens were NOT Sphynx, the couple was intrigued by their unique appearance. Shortly thereafter, a Craigslist ad listing “half Sphynx/half Opossum kittens” appeared. John and Brittney saw the photos and realized that it was another set of kittens with the same appearance, possibly the same mutation. They acquired both sets of kittens, which became the foundation of the Lykoi breed. After extensive medical testing to establish the kittens were sound and healthy, John and Brittney began the process of seeking recognition for this new breed with TICA. 

Natives of Tennessee, where they still live, John and Brittney have several other passions in addition to their Lykoi. They are currently breeding reptiles and are fascinated by reptile genetics. John loves to garden and is a Master Falconer. Brittney, a photographer and artist, trained as a concert pianist but chose to teach rather than perform. Both take great pleasure in training their “truffle dogs,” a Truffiere and a Lagotto Romagnolo. 

Celebrating the Live of Our Felines of the Past

Shauntay Burris, Cyndee Hill - Sphynx HCM Research Advocates
in Association with Kate Meurs, North Carolina State University

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