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10 BEST RAINBOW BRIDGE - Judged by Cyndee Hill, CFA Sphynx Breed Council Secretary from Outer Banks, North Carolina USA

Cat's Name


Cat's Age in Photo(s)

1 year

Cat's Color

Black & White

My Cat's Story

Steven was a once in a lifetime cat. In 25 years of raising Japanese Bobtails, never had I had such an outstanding male, in terms of temperament and conformation to the breed standard. He developed non-effusive FIP at a year and six months of age, unfortunately before the days of gs-44152. We did try, with support of our veterinarian, a trial treatment of polyprenyl immunostimulant, which was a drug used with moderate success for non-effusive FIP cats in a University of Tennessee study, but unfortunately it turned from non-effusive to neurological FIP and we were unable to save him. I miss him every single day.