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10 BEST RAINBOW BRIDGE - Judged by Shauntay Burris, TICA Sphynx Breed Committee Chair from California, USA

Cat's Name

GP, RW, Procurlharem Tupac Shakurl

Cat's Age in Photo(s)

3 years

Cat's Color

Seal lynx point and white

My Cat's Story

I wasn’t looking for a show cat, but Tupac won my heart instantly with those huge baby blues. He was my first show cat. He didn’t love it, but did it and we’ll. He finaled in most rings he entered and earned a regional award. At home he was sweet, gentle and loving; always on a lap, purring like a Diesel engine. He taught kittens to respect their elders and enjoyed the company of other adult cats, but he preferred his people. He took a big piece of my heart with him.