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10 BEST RAINBOW BRIDGE - Judged by Shauntay Burris, TICA Sphynx Breed Committee Chair from California, USA

Cat's Name

RW SGCA Siddhis OE Kavanaugh Rinn

Cat's Age in Photo(s)

8 months

Cat's Color


My Cat's Story

RW SGCA Siddhis OE Kavanaugh Rinn aka Bud, was the first kitten in the first litter of my queen Gwendolyn Rose. Bud I could tell was special even when teeny. I'd hold him on his back in the palm of my hand just days old. He never grew out of wanting to lay in my arms --- got too big for my hand! -- on his back. Bud not only enjoyed showing...he reveled in it! He would sit proudly sit in my arms while going to the ring, look at the audience while being judged or even climb to the top of the scratching pole to have a better view of the show hall. He is still used as the example of the breed in many books and on web sites which makes me happy as he continues to be enjoyed and admired by people...which is what he lived for. Bud knew he was a champion but when he was home, he was sleeping with his fellow cats and the Schipperkes who lived with him. Bud was named the # 1 alter overall at an organization's international show and went on to be the # 1 alter overall worldwide all breed....until he passed away from the Menu Food poisoning. He is still missed by many who knew him, handled him and watched him show. Bud was sweet and still to this day, sorely missed.