Jacqui Bennett - CFA All Breed Judge
Georgia, USA

Jacqui has been in love with animals for as long as she can remember with a childhood filled with furry Friends.  Her adult genesis with the cat fancy began over 20 years ago with Ocicats. She and her son traveled the US to shows as he grew up a true “show hall kid” raised by the CFA family.  While she has raised and exhibited a number of breeds, Ocicats are her first love and she is very proud of her accomplishments within the Ocicat breed becoming the breeder of the first ever Tawny breed winner and first ever Cinnamon national winner.  She served as Breed Council Secretary for 6 years and has been a CFA judge for 10.  She currently serv es CFA has the Committee Chair of the Breeds and Standards Committee.  A group dedicated to serving the breed councils and CFA to preserve and maintain our Breed Standards as well as help facilitate the recognition of new breeds within CFA.

She currently lives in Buford Ga with her husband David and her furry family.  “Being a judge is one of the greatest honors of my life” says Jacqui. “Every cat I am given the privilege of handling has a glory and beauty that it is my honor to be able to evaluate and present!  I neve rforgot that each cat I handle is someone’s beloved treasure.” 

Bethany Colilla - CFA Double Specialty Judge
Ohio, USA

While growing up, Bethany was part of Dreamers Cattery with her parents, and bred Himalayans, Persians and Exotics with them. In 1996 she registered Believers Cattery in hopes of becoming a CFA judge like her father. Maine Coon Cats always had a special place in her heart, and she fell in love with them. There was no question they would be the start of Believers in 2013. After getting accepted into CFA’s LH judging program, she started working on her SH requirements in 2018 and fell in love with another breed, Selkirk Rex. 

She is a devoted member of CFA working hard in many capacities, sometimes coinciding jobs. Since 2019, she has been the Maine Coon Cat Breed Council Secretary, in 2020 she was asked to be a committee chair by the CFA Board of Directors, additionally giving her time and talents to her regional banquet for the last two years, and continuing to help out with the clerking program. In 2017 she started her judging journey. Bethany says, “Getting to handle and evaluate these beautiful animals is truly a lifelong dream come true!”

Beth and Pete Deal - Household Agility Fun Ring Judge
Virginia, USA

Pete and Beth Deal are relatively new to the show world.  They have been showing Ocicats since February of 2015.  In 2017 they started a foray into the world of breeding, Pete delivered their first litter of 1 kitten in his lap while Beth was at the Ocicats International Show in Georgia.

Beth has had cats her entire life.  Her first cat was a brown tabby tom named Tiger, her first love was a red tabby and white named Marmalade.  Later on the family was given a Siamese kitten and a love affair with “slinkies” was formed.  She also fell in love with Abyssinians and along with a Siamese adopted a beautiful Aby.  Eventually and Ocicat came into the house and since early 2003 there has been at least one Oci around.

Pete did not grow up with cats but learned to love Beth’s mother’s Siamese.  The same one that we were given many years before.  He and Beth started married life with a pretty little Siamese that was the love of his life.  Once they started showing the Ocicats he also fell for Feline Agility; hook, line, and sinker.  While Beth plans the breedings and names the kittens, Pete plans the show schedule, usually around Agility.  

Ellen Honey - CFA All Breed Judge
Nevada, USA

Ellyn Honey current lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to August 2013, she lived on the East Coast for 20 years working under the cattery name Myrlyn.  Prior to that she was born and raised in Southern California and worked under the cattery name Rifkees.  Her first cattery was registered in 1980, and her primary breed was Siamese.  She is also known for her Oriental Shorthairs, having the second best cat in the world of the Cat Fanciers Association in 2000, Myrlyn Plain White Wrapper of Jamagz, a beautiful blue eyed white Oriental Shorthair. She has also had many Regional and National winning Siamese and other Oriental Shorthairs, and Colorpoints as well. Her cattery has earned 5 Distinguished Merit awards, three of which are generational from father to daughter to granddaughter. She has worked with and bred, Tonkinese, Persians, Birmans, Bombays, Maine Coons and Abyssinians. 

In 1999 Ellyn applied to the CFA Judging Program as a shorthair trainee and in 2005 she was advanced to approved all-breed status. She has had the good fortune to have judged all over the continental United States and in Canada, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong, and Italy and China. Ellyn mentors several upcoming new judges,and was on the Judging Program for CFA as a Domestic Training Administrator and has participated as Faculty in the several CFA Breed Awareness Orientation Schools as an allbreed instructor. She is also currently President of the Judges Association as well.

She has also done CFA breed presentations for the University of Virginia School of Veterinary Medicine, and worked with local high schools to bring the cat fancy to the community.

Rene Knapp - TICA All Breed Judge
Florida, USA

When Rene was 14, she was hit by a car while crossing the street and was told she would never walk normally again. Her mother was a strong, determined woman and as soon as Renee could stand, she had her in Arthur Murray dance classes which led her to be a professional ballroom dancer and teacher for years until a dancing injury ended her career.

Cats have always been an important part of Rene’s life. In 1994, she and her husband Clint started a cat rescue organization, Helping Paws, which continues to exist today. They produced a public television series for a few years called Pet Talk, and Rene wrote a pet column for a local city newspaper which continued for fifteen years.

One weekend, on a whim, Rene and her husband entered one of their little rescues in a TICA cat show. That weekend completely changed their lives and they continued to get involved in the wonderful world of cats and began to put on cat shows as fundraisers for rescue cats. They were drawn to the people who made up the cat fancy and the cats who made up the people. They soon fell in love with the Abyssinian breed and added them into their lives.

Rene knew that the next goal in her life was to become a judge, and in 2006 she proudly judged her first TICA show in the northeast region. She is presently an Approved All Breed judge, and had the honor of being on the judging slate for the 2018 TICA annual.

Even Rene’s free time is taken up with cat hobbies. She has written and published two wonderful cat books and enjoys growing and sewing special catnip flings to share with cats all around the world.

Lyn Knight - CFA LH Specialty / Fun Judge
Maryland, USA

Lyn is a breeder of national (NW) and regional (RW) winning Himalayans. Her cattery, Burnbrae, has been honored with many breed wins and distinguished merit awards in additional to the NW/RW recognition. Her focus is on health and temperament and all of her cats live as treasured pets. She is pictured with one of her favorite cats - GC BW NW Burnbrae's DanDare. Lyn has held many cat show and cat club positions, achieved the Cattery of Excellence Award and was honored with Exhibitor of the Year Award in CFA’s Southern Region. From childhood to now Lyn has adored all animals and the honor of judging your cats whether in person or virtually is something that lends true joy to her life. 

As a longhair judge in CFA she is currently working with shorthair breeds to advance and qualify as a shorthair judge in CFA. She has been honored to be entrusted with several shorthair breeds by prominent breeders. To date she has shown an Egyptian Mau and American Shorthair to their NW titles. She also showed a Scottish Fold to an RW and achieved a one show grand with an amazing Oriental Shorthair just as COVID-19 shut down shows across the country. 

Ann Mathis - CFA All Breed Judge
Michigan, USA

Born in Michigan, where she has lived her entire life, Anne Mathis has always been an animal lover, and has always had pets. She saw her first Oriental Shorthair in 1984, and her first thoughts were that although it was strange looking, she loved the personality. Mars, her first Oriental, was a neuter, and shortly after she acquired him, she searched for companions for him to show and breed. She and her husband, Kevin, registered their cattery, Kemage, and bred their first litter in 1985. Along with Orientals, Anne and Kevin have bred Japanese Bobtails and Scottish Folds. They have had numerous regional awards, and national awards on Orientals, Japanese Bobtails, American Wirehair, Bombay, and Sphynx.

Anne joined the judging program in 2007, and has judged in many locations around the world, loving every minute of it! She never stops being amazed by the number of beautiful cats that she has the honor of handling and presenting, and has made many friendships in the fancy that she feels lucky to have.

Neil Quigley - CFA All Breed Judge
British Columbia, Canada

Cats have always been a part of Neil's life.  As a small child he convinced his parents to adopt a stray kitten who became part of the family and later as a teen they had a number of Siamese. Neil bred and showed Ocicats for over 20 years under the Tribal cattery name with his late friend Lynn Boelter.  There were fortunate enough to receive many regional wins and 2 national wins including 7th best cat in 2004. Neil exhibited a number of other shorthair breeds, primarily Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthairs and Japanese Bobtails.  

Over the years Neil became a member of several clubs in the Northwest Region and participated extensively in show productions. He served as Ocicat breed council secretary for 2 terms and for 5 years he was the exhibitor member of the CFA Judging Program Committee.  He was responsible for assisting applicants in assembling their applications to the judging panel and during this time he became interested in becoming a judge himself.  Neil was accepted as a shorthair trainee in 2010 and became an approved allbreed judge in 2017.  He has judged in the United States, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.  In his other life he worked for a large petroleum company for many years as a finance analyst and retired in 2017.  Neil is now retired and lives In Pitt Meadows, BC.  

Allan Raymond - CFA All Breed Judge

Born in Australia and currently living in Thailand, Allan was the first Australian to become a CFA Allbreed Judge. His love of cats dates from his early teens, when he dreamed of owning a white cat. His start in the cat fancy goes back to the 1970s, in Tasmania, when he began showing with a blue Persian. Together with his partner, Michael Woods, he bred Persians in many other colors and also has experience with Exotics and Oriental Shorthairs. 
He began training as a longhair judge with the Feline Control Council of Victoria in 1982, obtained his first license in 1985 and became an allbreed judge in 1997. He has also served in several executive positions for Australian cat organizations and represented the Australian Cat Federation at the World Cat Congress in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

In addition to judging extensively in Australia and New Zealand, he has also judged throughout Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, South Africa and the US. Many of these shows were guest judging assignments for CFA. In 2011, Allan was accepted into the CFA Judging Program and became a CFA Allbreed Judge in 2012. 

Jan Rogers - CFA All Breed Judge
Texas, USA

Jan began her foray into pedigreed cats in 1987 and started with the Birman breed. She and her husband, Jim, registered their cattery name, BIRJANJI, in 1987 with CFA.   She has successfully bred and shown her Birmans for 33 years, accomplishing many national breed awards, color awards and regional awards.  In 1990 she fell in love with the lilac point Birman, and committed the next years of her breeding career to perfecting that lovely lilac color.  She had the first ever CFA Lilac Point Grand Champion MALE and FEMALE Birmans in the 100 year history of CFA.  She also has the first, and still the only, CFA Distinguished Merit Male Lilac Point Birman in history – siring over 22 grand champions and grand premiers, a lofty achievement for male cats in CFA.  She also has Distinguished Merit titles for her lilac and chocolate point females.

She began her judging career with CFA in 1999, and throughout the program was privileged to show, breed and handle several other breeds of cats, including Persians, Maine Coons, Abyssinians, American Shorthairs, Chartreux, Orientals, Ocicats and Siamese, along with American Wirehairs, a breed she continues to show and breed to this day- although a minority and rare breed, it was the one that stole her heart along with her beloved Birmans.

Through the judging program she has been privileged to judge for many associations across the world besides USA, and is grateful for the opportunity to spread the word of pedigreed cats, and the joy of the cat fancy in many countries.

Married, with no 2 legged children, she resides in Stephenville, TX with a variety of cats, dogs, birds, and fish.  She received her education from Purdue University, graduating in Agricultural Economics and then continuing with a Master’s in Business Administration/Finance (MBA) from  Indiana University.  Her work career has spanned several decades of sales management, purchasing, and recently owning and operating her own promotions business.

Adaliah Rose - Fun Judge

A rosette maker since 1995, Adilah became involved in exhibiting cats in CFA as a result of her business connections. She began showing and breeding in 1998, starting with Abyssinians under the cattery name Masmera. Over the past 12 years, she has shown 18 different breeds, and has attempted to breed Norwegian Forest Cats, Ocicats, and Sphynx. Her clerking experience is extensive and she was the first CFA Master Clerk Instructor in the International Division. 

Adilah was born in Malaysia, where she still lives. Her previous careers have included working as an insurance broker and a Master of Ceremonies. Her dream of becoming a CFA judge is currently on hold due to the pandemic, but her hope is to apply to the program as soon as it becomes feasible.

Sharon Roy - CFA All Breed Judge
New Hampshire, USA

Born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, Sharon still lives and works there, currently for a local marketing company. She has been a CFA judge since 1989, and prior to that, had six years of judging experience with the Cat Fanciers Federation. She is also the Regional Director for CFA’s North Atlantic Region and has served the organization in many other capacities, such as the CFA Ombudsman and a member of the Judging Program Committee. 

Although Sharon has worked briefly with Himalayan Persians, Norwegian Forest Cats, and Turkish Angoras, her first love has always been the Tonkinese breed. Together with her mother, the late Norma Roy, Sharon was a major force in guiding the breed through the Miscellaneous and Provisional classes on its way to achieving CFA Championship status. Her Shanfoo cattery produced the first Tonkinese male Distinguished Merit cat, a natural mink who sired 17 grands. She also served two terms as Tonkinese Breed Council Secretary. Sharon has judged in every region of CFA as well as the International Division, and says that “the best part of judging is being able to handle all of the cats, all of the breeds, and finding that special cat that makes it all worthwhile.”

Michael Hans Schleissner - CFA All Breed Judge

Michael Hans Schleissner is from Germany and has judged throughout Europe for nearly 30 years. He has been a CFA judge since 2009, and has also judged in North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

In 1982, working with his wife Brigitte, he started his Atzelhof cattery, beginning with a Persian program. Over the years, they worked with other breeds, including Siamese, Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex, British Shorthairs, and American Shorthairs; they still maintain active breeding programs for the Selkirks, Brits, and Americans. They are very proud of having produced 42 CFA grands, 3 homebred National Winners, and Breed Winners in both the Brits and the Selkirks.

Recently retired, Michael is a former business economist who worked for a major pharmaceutical company. His love of animals and breeding extends well beyond cats; in addition to his cats, he also breeds show canaries, Beijing Bantam chickens, and aquarium fish.