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Once in a blue moon, a different kind of virtual competition comes along!

New England Meow Outfit Inc. (NEMO)


"Its Not Easy Being Blue!"

It’s a virtual photo contest for ALL felines – with a special opportunity for blue ones!

Stop singing those blues! CFA virtual competitions are back—and we’re calling all cats to participate in the newest event! Our conformation classes feature the traditional four categories, Kittens, Championship, Premiership and Household Pets, plus a FIFTH class called “Nothing but the Blues” for blue pedigreed cats 4 months and up. We also have EIGHT color-themed fun classes awaiting your photo AND VIDEO* submissions. Entries open Monday, October 4, but get yours in before the closing date of October 25 or you could end up in a blue funk!

*Video submissions must be no more than 30 seconds in length and be accompanied by at least one still photo for use in PowerPoint finals.

About New England Meow Outfit, Inc. (NEMO)

This relatively new club has been making waves since its founding in 2012. Its name was inspired by a 2012 winter storm, Storm NEMO, but the club also utilizes the famous Disney fish in its logo and motto (“Keep on purring!”). NEMO in-person shows always feature real rosettes, fun activities for exhibitors, and usually a Saturday night dinner for exhibitors and judges. The club needs to locate a new (and likely more expensive) show hall for its 2022 show and is producing this virtual event to enable us to continue the kind of in-person shows people have come to expect from us.

Norm Auspitz*

Jacqui Bennett

Kathy Calhoun

Marilee Griswold

Teresa Keiger

Nancy Kerr†

Nicholas Pun

Iris Zinck 

*Retired CFA Allbreed Judge

†Former CCA Judge

Judged By All 8 Judges

All recognized breeds are welcome and CFA registration is not needed. If your cat is NOT from a CFA-recognized breed, please email a copy of its breed standard to the entry clerks at NEMOentryclerk@gmail.com.

Kittens    Pedigreed cats ages 4 thru 7 months old. (For kittens younger than 4 months, see the fun rings below)

Championship   Pedigreed cats that have not been spayed or neutered, and are 8 months of age or above

Premiership   Pedigreed cats that HAVE been spayed or neutered, and are 8 months of age or above.

Household Pets   This class is for non-pedigreed cats 4 months and up, but is also open to pedigreed cats that do not meet the standard for their breed or have a disqualifying fault. Even if your HHP is actually pedigreed, please select "Non-specific (Mixed)" on the breed pulldown menu.

"Nothing But the Blues"  Open to blue pedigreed cats 4 months and up, not just Russian Blues, Chartreux and Korats, but blues and blue tabbies of any recognized breed. Blue shadeds and smokes also welcome. Sorry, no blue points, blue-creams or bicolors. . . the cat must be predominantly and primarily blue.

“Birth of the Blues”

Your cutest pictures of kittens under 4 months of age  (Kittens 4 months or over should be entered in the conformation Kitten class)

 Judged by Kathy Calhoun and Nancy Kerr

“Blue Streak”

This class is for fast-moving cats, demonstrating feats of indoor agility, silly cat tricks, or chasing invisible objects!

Judged by Teresa Keiger and Nicholas Pun

“Eyes of Blue”

Show us how beautiful your cats' eyes are, whatever color they may be! 

Judged by Teresa Keiger and Nancy Kerr

“Look What Blew In”

This fun class is for "contained" cats, pictured INside bags, boxes or whatever other container they have chosen.  

Judged by Norm Auspitz and Marilee Griswold

“Looks Like the Blues”

Does your cat have an uncanny resemblance to some well-known person or object? Send us pictures of both together! Captions welcome. 

Judged by Norm Auspitz and Kathy Calhoun

“Love is Blue”

Show us your kitties with their best nonhuman friends! Other cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, whatever!

Judged by Nicholas Pun and Jacqui Bennett

“My Blue Heaven”

This is our Rainbow Bridge class, for pictures of beloved companions who have left us.  

Judged by Marilee Griswold and Iris Zinck

“Singing the Blues”

Pictures of cats who look like they have something to say (or sing!). Open mouths a plus!

Judged by Jacqui Bennett and Iris Zinck

Monday, 10/4 Entries open
Monday, 10/25 Entries close at 8 PM EDT
Tuesday, 10/26 Entry prep for judging
Wednesday, 10/27-Saturday 10/30 Judging
Sunday, 10/31 Finals posting begins and continues until complete
Monday, 11/8 Spectators’ Choice voting ends at 8 PM EDT

Spectators’ Choice Voting will begin as soon as entries open and close at 8 PM EDT on November 8th.The top 5 vote getters will be recognized. One half of the voting proceeds will be donated to the CFA Breeders Assistance Program, which helps support breeders in need due to natural disasters or unforeseen events.





Japanese Bobtail - SH




Oriental - SH




Non-Specific (Mixed)


Turkish Angora
















VCC Event Team

Show Managers: Iris Zinck

Asst. Show Manager/Vendor and Prize Coordinator: Denise Mangold

Entry Clerks: Cathy Dunham and Jan Beardsley-Blanco

CFA Liaison/VCC Platform Manager: Iris Zinck

Show Treasurer: Robert Zinck

PowerPoint Team: Elizabeth Garwood, Dmitry Gembitsky, Robert Zinck, Irene Lang, Ryan Hekman

Finals Coordination: Cathy Dunham, Iris Zinck, Nancy Kerr

Publicity: Mike Altschul, Wendy Carson

Graphic Design & Technical Support: Deirdre Gerhardt

Scoring: Mike Altschul and Nancy Kerr

Prize Team: Denise Mangold, Amy Deutsch, Mary Condon