Pam Bassett - CFA Allbreed Judge
Lakeland, Tennessee, USA

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Pamela Bassett now lives in Lakeland, Tennessee, near Memphis. She attended Lousiana State University and the University of Arkansas, graduating with a degree in Nutrition. She went on to become a Registered Dietitian and pursue a MS degree in Health Care Administration.

 Her experience with Persians goes back to the 1980s, when she and her mother Jean began breeding under the PaJean cattery name. They exhibited extensively throughout the US for over 20 years, producing 22 CFA National Winners, 3 CFA Best Cats, and more Grand Champions than any other longhair cattery in the history of CFA. Pam continues to enjoy breeding and showing today, but as her love of all breeds expanded, she entered the judging program and has now been a CFA judge for 12 years. After owning and showing many different breeds throughout her judges’ training, she says she remains “fascinated with the unique personalities of the breeds and the unique elegance each brings to the judging table.” She has judged throughout the US and internationally, and values her experiences meeting exhibitors and cat fanciers all over the world. “I find it a true honor and privilege to judge their wonderful cats,” she says.


Kathy Calhoun - CFA Allbreed Judge
Illinois, USA

Kathy Calhoun was born and raised in Chicago, where she still lives. A CFA judge since 2007, Kathy founded her cattery, 5800 Dreams, in 1991, with her son. Her primary breed has always been the Maine Coon but she has also bred American Shorthairs, American Wirehairs, and recently began to breed Lykoi. Other breeds she has worked with include Persians, Orientals, Abyssinians, Chartreux, and Devon Rex. She has achieved national wins with both her Maine Coons and her American Wirehairs.

Her resume in CFA is extensive; she is not only a member and a Secretary for several show producing clubs, but serves as the treasurer for the Maine Coon Breed Council, the CFA Foundation, and the CFA organization itself. She also served as Midwest Regional Director.

Recently retired from her job as a Product Manager with Pepsico, Kathy has been a CFA judge since 2007. She has judged across the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. When not involved with cats, judging, or her many organizational responsibilities, Kathy has been known to play the bagpipes.

Pam Degolyer
CFA Specialty Judge
Martinsville, Indiana, USA 

A CFA Judge since 2017, Pam has been a breeder and exhibitor of Persians and Exotics for over 20 years. Her cattery, Ivy Cat, was founded in 2000 and has achieved 10 longhair national wins, one shorthair national win (with her Cornish Rex) and a plethora of grands and regional wins. She is currently an approved Longhair judge and a Shorthair trainee.

As Pam has worked her way through the judging program, she fell in love with many different breeds, one after the other.  While doing her shorthair training (delayed by the pandemic) she became too attached to a couple of my custodial shorthair breeds to return them; consequently, she now has a Cornish Rex and an American Shorthair as our forever loving family members. She has also enjoyed working with Abyssinians, Bombays, Manx, Siamese, American Bobtails, Birmans, Maine Coons and Siberians and is a longterm member of the Indy Cat Club. 

Married since 2008, Pam and her husband Rick were chosen Exhibitors of the Year for the Midwest Region in 2015-16. They have four children and 10 beautiful grandchildren. 
She is a retired vet technician and enjoys her daily walks plus as much travel as possible.  

Nancy Kerr - Former CCA Judge
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Nancy has spent most of her life there except for four years of living on Prince Edward Island. She is a former CCA judge with two years of training and judging experience throughout the central and northeast Canadian provinces, and is currently working towards qualifying for the CFA judging program.

After acquiring her first pedigreed cat, a Maine Coon, in the mid-1990s, Nancy attended a CCA cat show to “see what it was all about.” Bitten by the cat fancy bug, she began breeding and showing with Maine Coons but quickly fell in love with Norwegian Forest Cats. Her Kerrisma cattery now focuses exclusively on Wegies and she has achieved several national and regional wins in CCA with them. She attended her first CFA show in 1999, has also shown in ACFA and TICA, and is very proud of her two CFA regional wins. In addition to her Wegies, she has shown an Exotic, a Persian, and a number of Turkish Angoras. She loves judging because of the opportunities it provides to see and handle so many beautiful cats and meet the people who love them.

Nancy is a member of two CFA New England clubs, Seacoast Cat Club and New England Meow Outfit, Inc. (NEMO) and a staff writer for Cat Talk magazine. Although she had previously entry clerked only in CCA, she volunteered to serve as the entry clerk for the first CFA event held on the VCC platform, this summer’s NEMO. Her technical expertise proved invaluable to show management, and as a result of that experience, she was asked to join the new CFA VCC Committee, which is helping to support the Regional Qualifier shows.

When not involved with cats, Nancy works as a network administrator for Mount St. Vincent University. She says the job covers “everything from A to Z and you’re always learning something new.” Her cats and her CFA activities take up most of her leisure time.

Vickie Nye
CFA Allbreed Judge
Prunedale, California, USA

Vicki was born in Phoenix and lived there until about 33 years ago, when she relocated to California. Always an animal lover, she actually started out with dogs, breeding and showing Saint Bernards in AKC, and eventually becoming a licensed handler. However, upon seeing her first show quality Persian, she was smitten and there was no looking back. She began breeding and showing Persians in 1978, where she concentrated on whites and dilute solids. In 1979 she had her first National Win in CFA with a copper-eyed white female, who was 5th Best Cat that year. Over the next 15 years, Vicki bred 38 grand champions/grand premiers, and had 14 National Winners, including four Kitten of the Year awards. Through the years, she also bred Bi-color Persians, Abyssinians, Manx and Exotics.

A CFA judge since 1988, Vicki has traveled all over the world meeting new friends and judging incredible cats. She has judged the CFA World/International/Invitational show nine times, in addition to being a guest judge for FIFE and various organizations in Australia and New Zealand. In June, 2020, Vicki accepted an appointment to CFA’s Judging Program and is currently Chair of Approved Judges and the Guest Judging Program.

Recently retired from the Bank of America, where she was a corporate officer, Vicki spent 41 years in various roles with the bank. Married for 23 years, Vicki and her husband, Tom live in the lovely coastal community of Prunedale, where they enjoy camping, kayaking, cooking, gardening, DIY home projects and riding motorcycles. They have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in addition to one senior Persian and two rescue shorthairs. 

Paul Patton
Retired CFA Allbreed Judge
Elgin, Illinois, USA

Paul’s cattery, Luvlypurrs, is still well known for its top show Bi-Color Persians, Exotics and American Shorthairs. Paul also had wins with his Bombay, Longhair Oriental and Sphynx breeds.  In 1995, he joined CFA’s judging program, where he developed a reputation for color genetics.  Exhibitors looked for his name on the judging slate so they could ask questions concerning colors, and he is missed by many for his expertise in this area since his retirement from the judging program in 2015.

Since then, Paul has given selflessly of his time to the Midwest Region and CFA, in general.  A member of the Rochester Cat Fanciers, North American Shorthair Club and Exotic Breeders Club, he is still an active member of MEOWS and Cat’n on the Fox and has been involved in show production at all levels. Until recently he designed and produced the Midwest Regional Awards Booklet and slideshow.  He was the regional historian, caring for original regional logo drawings and photos, as well as being the regional show scheduler and a member of the regional steering committee.

For years, Paul and a small group of exhibitors provided assistance to the Midwest Region by helping breeders and exhibitors in their time of need, whether it was a supportive ear, helping to clean up after a major event or helping find forever homes for felines in need.  Remaining in the background, Paul has been an executive board member in one of CFA’s biggest programs, the Breeders Assistance Program. 

Paul keeps busy with continued show production for Cat’n on the Fox, taking care of his parents, working on his family’s genealogy, and traveling. He can also be found in his garden (he is a Master Gardener) or exhibiting.

Brian Pearson
CFA Allbreed Judge
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

For Brian Pearson, judging is a magical and poetic experience. He sees cats as “living art” and comments that “they are all made up of components. . . Judging sees and values the components that please our mind and eye. The owners are the poets.” He believes that judges should always be receptive to an experience and judge it as it happens, “because those special moments with the cats happen quickly and often unexpectedly.” The judge “experiences” the cat and it makes an impression; magically inserted into the scenario, they have the opportunity to share and shape the experience. After judging for 30 years, he says that he has “never judged a show that didn’t include magic, art and poetry.”

On a less mystical level, Brian shared that his first cat was a household pet, and his first purebred cat was a newspaper-ad “Siamese” purchased for $25. He began showing in CFA in 1979 and over the years, has worked with too many breeds to list; he is a permanent member of 16 different breed councils and takes his role as a BC member very seriously. He has lived in CFA’s Region 6 for his entire life and is now retired and living in Kansas City, Mo.

Jim Thompson
Retired CFA Allbreed Judge
Burns Vista, Colorado, USA

Since attending his first cat show in 1951 at age three with his mother, Gertrude Thompson, Jim has been involved with cats of all types, domestic and wild.  He and his mother bred Persians, Russian Blues and Scottish Folds under the cattery names of Silverton and Les Joy.  In addition, Jim and his friend Ernie have been involved in rehabilitating injured mountain lions, including an orphaned female he named Tabby.

In 1976, at age 20, Jim joined CFA’s judging program, at a time when only 20 breeds were recognized.  By the time he retired in 2017, there were 43 different breeds recognized by CFA.  

During his tenure as a CFA judge, Jim was also the Gulf Shore Regional Director from 1978 to1982, and a Director-at-Large from 1983 to 1985.  He returned to the Board in 1986 as the next highest vote getter when Don Williams was elected President, and served for the next nine years.  After leaving the Board, he remained active in the judging program and on various CFA committees.

In his home state of Colorado, Jim served as a County Commissioner from 1993-2005, while also working closely with the Arkansas Valley Humane Society (Ark-Valley), a no-kill shelter.  One of his proudest achievements was passing a property tax increase which helped fund the shelter, located in the north end of the county.  The group works throughout the entire county with its citizens to manage the feral cat population, and established a foster parent program to care for pets that need extra help.  Jim continues his volunteer work at Ark-Valley to this day, teaching them about colors and patterns.  He plans to become a foster parent to young kittens to socialize them and teach them good manners so that Ark-Valley will be better able to find them forever homes.

Iris Zinck- CFA Allbreed Judge
Medford, Massachusetts, USA

Iris has wanted to judge cats since attending her very first cat show in 1988. But it took a while before she was able to achieve that goal.

She began breeding both Russian Blues and Turkish Angoras in 1990 with her first husband, the late Robert Hoffman, under the cattery name of Silverlock. While working toward the judging program, she participated in all aspects of show production and the clerking program, eventually becoming a master clerk and running clerking schools. After her husband’s death, she phased out the Russian Blues, bred Oriental Longhairs, and showed Persians, Birmans, American Shorthairs, Norwegian Forest Cats, Abyssinians, and Manx. She was first licensed as a judge in 2003.

When Iris met Robert Zinck, now her second husband, and successfully lured him into the cat fancy, they established a new cattery, Folie a Deux (inspired by a French psychological term that refers to a disease/delusion shared by two people). They focused primarily on bicolor Turkish Angoras, and bred two national winners as well as a number of breed and regional winners. In 2008, they began working with Siberians, and have achieved several regional wins with them. The Siberians are now Iris’s primary breed. However, she has recently fallen in love with Japanese Bobtails; it is not yet certain where this will lead her.

Iris is Lead Copy Editor and a Staff Writer for Cat Talk magazine and the chair of CFA’s newly formed Virtual Cat Competition committee. She is also a singer and songwriter and invites anyone interested in her music to check out her YouTube channel.

Nancy Brown
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Elkhorn, Nebraska, USA

Born in Beloit, Kansas, Nancy grew up in Burwell, Nebraska.  After she and Roger married, they moved to Quantico, Virginia so Roger could complete his two-year assignment as base veterinarian.  It was during this time the couple began breeding and exhibiting Maltese dogs. Upon their subsequent move to Rockville, Maryland, Nancy formed a Maltese breed club and co-authored a Maltese column in Popular Dogs for several years.

In 1970, Roger and Nancy moved to Omaha, Nebraska and opened a veterinary hospital.  With dog shows having on one ring per weekend, and the shows being a seven or eight hour drive away, it was difficult to continue showing dogs and the couple had to make their business a priority.  As retirement loomed in 1994, however, they decided to fill some of their spare time by breeding and showing Ocicats. CFA became an integral part of their lives.

Nancy & Roger have produced many DotDotDot Ocicat Grand Champions, DM’s, Regional Winners, Eleven NW including four Best Kittens of the year, a Best in Show at Madison Square Garden in 2003, and Best in Show at the International in 2013, where DotDotDot brothers from the same litter competed for Best Kitten in Show. Both boys went on to become National Winners and one was Kitten of the Year!

Roger Dunham
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Jacksonville, Illinois, USA

Roger was born in Colorado Springs, but has lived in Illinois since just before he started school.  As a young child, he wanted to be either a veterinarian or an athletic trainer.  While he didn’t end up a veterinarian, he did end up in the medical field and has worked for the SIU School of Medicine in both the Psychiatry and Hemacology/Oncology Departments as a medical office associate.

When he and his wife, Cathy, were married, they were gifted with a British Shorthair kitten as a wedding present.  In addition, Cathy had a work colleague who bred Persians. They became curious about what cat shows were like, they went to a local show, and got the showing bug.  Cathy’s co-worker gave them a red Persian, which they showed and granded in premiership.  While showing the Persian, they met a wonderful British Shorthair breeder who gave them a cat to show in premiership the following season.  After showing in premiership for three years, Roger and Cathy started their own breeding program with the Brits.  Along the line they have also bred Sphynx, but due to their sweet temperament and big cuddly bodies, the British breed is Roger’s first love.

When he isn’t showing cats, Roger enjoys playing golf and looking for antiques with his wife, Cathy.

Allene Keating (CFA)
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Baldwin City, Kansas, USA

Born on a farm in Paola, Kansas, Allene has always had cats, including a longhaired Manx and a Burmese.  However, it wasn’t until after marrying her husband and moving to the Netherlands for her husband’s job in 1995 that she was introduced to the European Burmese breed. They have become her forever love.  Living overseas, Allene not only got to travel to Europe, England, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, China and Africa, she also started showing cats in FIFe.  In 2001, upon their return to the U.S., she started showing in CFA, established her own cattery name and participated in the road to CFA’s acceptance of the European Burmese.

A retired psychotherapist now living in Topeka, Kansas, Allene loves to attend cat shows and travel with her husband.  She states that while it was the European Burmese’s personality that first attracted her to them, it is their intelligence that has kept her interested in the breed for over 22 years.

Jack Nichols
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Jack spent many years living in Texas but now makes his home in Omaha with his husband, Tom. About 20 years ago, Tom asked Jack if they could get a cat. A few months later, they had 10 cats, and the rest is basically history. They founded Go-TeeKatz cattery and began to focus exclusively on bicolor Persians, which they have always found to be “fun and when properly groomed, quite striking.”

Although Jack originally wanted to become a doctor, he opted for the military instead. After serving for 14 years, he resigned and enrolled in nursing school, then worked as a nurse for many years. Now retired, he still works part time in customer service for Omaha Steaks.

When asked about his leisure activities, Jack commented, “We breed and show Persians. Who has time to do anything else?” What spare time he does have is typically spent with relatives, with his grandchildren or with Tom’s niece and her family. Jack and Tom also enjoy relaxing on their deck and tending their flowers.

Nancy Petersen
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Kalona, Iowa, USA

Nancy was born and raised in Iowa, growing up on a dairy farm where she showed Holstein cows, not cats.  There were always cats around, however, especially at milking time! Nancy became especially fond of a blue longhair cat, since it was pretty and fluffy, not like the brown tabby shorthaired barn cats.  She decided that when she grew up, she wanted a blue Persian.

Shortly after Nancy married Michael Petersen, he wanted a poodle, since he wasn’t allowed pets while growing up.  Nancy said if he could have a dog, she could have a cat.  Enter the first blue Persian, which was followed a couple years later by a copper-eyed white, both pet quality. It was while they lived in England, in 1974, that Mike bought Nancy an odd-eyed white female for her birthday.  The breeder told them the cat was already entered in a cat show, did they want to learn to groom and take the cat to the show themselves?  They said yes, and the rest is history,

While living in England, Nancy and Mike showed in GCCF, and acquired three white Persians for Mike and two colorbred blue Persians for Nancy.  In 1976 they returned to the US, and upon researching the American cat associations, decided to show in CFA.  Their blue male, GC Ariane Ambrose of Goliada, DM became the foundation of their breeding program and was the father of two National Winners.  

When Mike decided he wanted to be a judge, they branched out into Cornish Rex, Abyssinians and showed a blue Oriental in premiership.  Nancy has helped put on shows, been a club officer, show secretary, entry clerk, ring clerk, master clerk, the Persian Breed Council Secretary, and a Regional Director. 

A psychometrician, Nancy has a MS in Applied Statistics and a PhD in Educations Statistics and Measurement.  Since retiring in 2017, Nancy spends time working with her cats, traveling the world and within the U.S., spending time with her sister, walking her dog and reading.

Cary Plummer
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire

Pecatonica, Illinois, USA

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Cary has lived in the Midwest, the Southwest and in Mexico.  Cary and his partner, Randy, initially started showing Persians and Exotics in 1985 in the American Cat Fanciers’ Association, achieving an ACFA Cat of the Year win in 1999.  In 2001, they made the transition to CFA, where they’ve stayed ever since.

Cary has worked in the service (restaurant) industry for over 40 years, and currently lives with Randy on a small farm.  He is involved in CFA as an exhibitor, club member (who helps to put on the Lincoln State show), breed council member and ring clerk.  He is currently running for the position of Exotic Breed Council Secretary.


Jill Singer
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire
Minnesota, USA

Jill was born in Seattle, but has lived in Minneapolis for over 50 years.  She started breeding and showing Siamese and Orientals over 40 years ago, and loves her ‘slinkies’ who are very active, sweet and entirely too smart at times.  She is currently showing altered cats in both the Premiership and Household Pet classes.  Jill enjoys going to shows where she can see her friends and showing off her cats to the judges, some of whom she has known for many years.

Jill has been involved in many different aspects of CFA show production and is also dedicated to outreach programs.  She organized and ran a CFA booth at the Minnesota State Fair where she educated other cat lovers about legacy breeds and general cat care.

An office manager at a clinic for over 20 years, Jill now works part time as a home health aide.  “I love helping my clients to stay in their homes” she says.

Sueann Spinder
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire

Morton, Illinois, USA

 Sueann was born in Lincoln, Illinois and has always lived in Central Illinois, either in Peoria, East Peoria or Morton.  While growing up she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but ended up as a stay-at-home mom until her youngest child was in 6th grade. She then went to work for the Lincoln School District, where she has been since 1992.

Since acquiring her first pedigreed cat in 2009, Sueann has always been involved with the Maine Coon breed, although she didn’t start showing until 2010.  She loves the Maine Coon personality.  It wasn’t until late in 2013 that Sueann established her own cattery. Her first litter produced her foundation male, who grew up to be a grand champion and regional winner.

Sueann has enjoyed every minute of the time spent with her cats and at shows, and when she is not showing, she spends time with her three kids and four grandchildren.

Lynn Staker
CFA Exhibitor Extraordinaire

St. Traer, Iowa, USA

Born and raised in Iowa, Lynn always wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. However, except for a short stint as a surgical assistant, she has always worked in office management. 

Lynn blames her husband for getting her into cat shows and breeding. One year, he bought her a blue colorpoint-carrier kitten for her birthday and it all snowballed from that one act.  She has always bred Himalayan Persians, and, though they aren’t easy to work with, she adores the type and personality.

Lynn has six grandchildren that she loves spending time with, when she isn’t working with her cats.