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Rachel Anger (CFA)

Rachel Anger is from the Detroit, Michigan area and works as a legal assistant for Michigan’s largest law firm.  Rachel’s natural love and appreciation for all animals led her to become a CFA judge in 1994.  Since that time, she has judged across the United States and Canada, as well as in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Indonesia and Thailand. Rachel has appeared in the televised videos The Standard of Perfection and Cat-Minster, and the 2018 Netflix documentary Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit. Rachel was honored to be named to the coveted Judges’ Spotlight Award, and has received three Star Awards in recognition of service to the Association.

Rachel looks forward to continuing to serve the cat fancy, both behind the judging stand and at the board table.  Her judging philosophy is to “honor and respect each cat, each exhibitor and each fellow judge”, and through that philosophy has been fortunate enough to develop many life-long friendships.  

Bethany Colilla (CFA)

While growing up, Bethany was part of Dreamers Cattery with her parents, and bred Himalayans, Persians and Exotics with them. In 1996 she registered Believers Cattery in hopes of becoming a CFA judge like her father. Maine Coon Cats always had a special place in her heart, and she fell in love with them. There was no question they would be the start of Believers in 2013. After getting accepted into CFA’s LH judging program, she started working on her SH requirements in 2018 and fell in love with another breed, Selkirk Rex. 

She is a devoted member of CFA working hard in many capacities, sometimes coinciding jobs. Since 2019, she has been the Maine Coon Cat Breed Council Secretary, in 2020 she was asked to be a committee chair by the CFA Board of Directors, additionally giving her time and talents to her regional banquet for the last two years, and continuing to help out with the clerking program. In 2017 she started her judging journey. Bethany says, “Getting to handle and evaluate these beautiful animals is truly a lifelong dream come true!”

Richard Hoskinson (TICA)

Rick Hoskinson registered his RICHSON cattery prefix with CFA in 1985 and with TICA in 1987. He bred Cornish Rex, Russian Blues and American Shorthairs to prominent national CFA wins and applied to the CFA judging program at the Alburquerque Annual in 1999. He advanced to Apprentice SH in 2000 and Allbreed approved in 2003, which at that time was a record for the fastest advancement in the CFA judging program.

Rick judged extensively for CFA until 2013 when he resigned from the CFA judging panel. He was accepted to the TICA panel in January 2016, and advanced to Allbreed approved in January 2019. He continues to breed and exhibit American SH cats under the Richson prefix. He is president of SHOWCATS: Columbus, a TICA club, and he is also a member of the TICA rules committee, and also serves as deputy regional director for the TICA great lakes region.

Ann Mathis (CFA)

Born in Michigan, where she has lived her entire life, Anne Mathis has always been an animal lover, and has always had pets. She saw her first Oriental Shorthair in 1984, and her first thoughts were that although it was strange looking, she loved the personality. Mars, her first Oriental, was a neuter, and shortly after she acquired him, she searched for companions for him to show and breed. She and her husband, Kevin, registered their cattery, Kemage, and bred their first litter in 1985. Along with Orientals, Anne and Kevin have bred Japanese Bobtails and Scottish Folds. They have had numerous regional awards, and national awards on Orientals, Japanese Bobtails, American Wirehair, Bombay, and Sphynx.

Anne joined the judging program in 2007, and has judged in many locations around the world, loving every minute of it! She never stops being amazed by the number of beautiful cats that she has the honor of handling and presenting, and has made many friendships in the fancy that she feels lucky to have.

Sharon Powell (CFA)

Sharon Powell, from Wadsworth, OH has been involved in the cat fancy since 1989.  She first fell in love with the Maine Coon breed at a show in Erie, PA having attended with her mother.  Within a couple of years she was breeding under the cattery name, TheCatSpa.  Sharon, an Approved Allbreed judge, was accepted into the CFA Judging Program in 2004.  She continued with her cattery until 2011 when she chose to devote her time to the judging program.  She tells us, " I have loved every minute of my journey with CFA and hope it will continue for many years."

Teresa Sweeney (CFA)

Teresa’s involvement in the cat fancy dates back to 1992, when she began showing household pets. She purchased her first pedigreed show cats in 1997 and showed in premiership until she began breeding Maine Coons in 1997. Today, she and her husband Edwin live in Grove City, Ohio and still actively breed these gentle giants under the cattery name Highlander. However, Teresa recently acquired a new love: her beta fish, Gulliver and Mr. Limpet.

She has been a CFA judge since 2012 and when not judging or showing, works as a banking professional, primarily in Compliance. She feels that “judging is very thrilling for me. . . it allows me to express my love of cats in an artistic way. Judging wonderful cats is an honor and a privilege.”