Welcome to CFA Virtual Cat Competitions

We are all so very grateful for the feline companions that share our lives during this global pandemic. They’ve provided comfort, given us purrs when needed, helped make our isolation indoors more bearable, and have proven to be the very best companions to share our homes and lives.

Now, here’s your chance to show them off to the world … an opportunity to share your special feline with the online world of cat lovers, share photos and videos of the loveable cat or kitten that has kept you sane and on track, amused and laughing at its antics, and is just plain ol’ beautiful.

Welcome to our CFA Virtual Cat Competitions where you can enter a photo or video of your cat or kitten, and show the world just why you think yours is the “Best” around!

There’s plenty of opportunities to enter the various classes that we’ve created to show off your feline … and it's simple to do. Just choose a competition above, upload a photo of your cat and pay the small entry fee, and at the close of entries, our illustrious CFA judges and, in some cases, a worldwide audience will evaluate the entries and we’ll post the winners and awards.